Custom Monogram Lighting

Monograms are a great way to personalize any wedding or event. We use video projectors or gobo projectors to animate or to project monograms in color or plain white. We recommend putting them on walls and ceilings for the best professional look. If you don’t have a wedding monogram let us help you design one with our designer. If you’re a corporate client and want your branding to stand out we can help with that by tying all elements of your event to have one uniform look and feel. Monograms make great additions to our DJ Services, Photo Booth and other lighting options. 

In addition to monograms we also can use gobos which are similar to monograms to make textures on walls, ceilings, and more. This usually requires using several gobo projectors to accomplish the right effect. Textures specifically on tent ceilings really can dress things up a bit and give you that unique feel. Check out what we can do with our wedding Lighting or event lighting.

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“He also helped me surprise my husband with a custom image over the dance floor which was a big hit.

Joy, Potomac Point Winery Stafford, VA

“The lighting and GoBo Wyatt suggested made the entire room come together.

Liz & Joey, Lansdowne Resort Leesburg, VA

Pin Spotting

Pin spotting is a way to highlight anything in a room with lighting. The most common item to pin spot for weddings is the cake. You can do other things such as floral arrangements, tables, guest books, and more. We have specially designed lights to make anything you want stand out. Contact us via email, use the short form on the bottom of this page or call us 805-200-4044

“The pin spot made the cake jump out and sparkle.” 


I didn’t realize how much the pin spot would make the cake pop!