Y-it Entertainment Simply The Best Wedding Showcase Santa Barbara Review Spring 2018

Y-it Entertainment participated in Simply The Best Wedding Showcase at Rockwood Women’s Club in beautiful Santa Barbara. This was our first time showcasing at this Wedding Showcase. We had our Infinite Photo Booth out for use with our Boxwood Hedge backdrop. We also showcased our new texture and pattern lighting and offered great special pricing to show attendees. If you were looking to complete your vendor team you had some of the best in Santa Barbara showcasing. You also could take a look at the beautiful Rockwood Women’s Club as a venue! If you are on the look out for great Wedding or Event Entertainment here are a few Blogs to help you out on selecting a Wedding Mobile DJ and selecting a Photo Booth Company.

Simply the Best Wedding Showcase Santa Barbara 2018 Y-it Entertainment Photo Booth www.Yitentertainment.com
Simply The Best Wedding Showcase 2018 lucca

Lucca Wood Fired Pizza Catering

Lucca Wood Fired Pizza Catering was one of our favorites from the Wedding Showcase. The smell of pizza and a real wood burning oven was incredible. This husband and wife team really put on a show cooking everything right in front of you while maintaining a great conversation. We felt like we part of the family instantly. Lucca not only offers wood fired pizza, but also antipasto, seasonal salad, dessert, beer on tap, and of course coffee. This would be great for weddings, parties, late night to go’s after your wedding or just because. Trust us when we stay they were great!

Gobo Light Patterns and Textures

At the show we introduced our battery powered gobo light Pattern and Texture Projectors. These are great for adding depth to any room or event. Project textures or patterns on walls or the floor to create a whole new feel. If you are going for a classic and elegant wedding or event these are a must. What makes them special? Well, we like to stay on the cutting edge of technology and these are battery powered which means they can be placed anywhere with no cords. They come in white to blend in and they weigh less than 6 Ibs which means they aren’t big and bulky. Since they are new we are offering special pricing to get these bad boys to work so we can share with the world how awesome your event looked!

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BoxWood Hedge Backdrop and the Unicorn!

We could of just did a normal cloth backdrop like every other photo booth company, but whats the “Different” in that? So we brought out our custom Boxwood Hedge backdrop. We can customize it to say anything you want such as the “love” sign in the photo or your names or anything that makes a statement. If you wanted to get your florist involve we would even let them go to work and add some more personal flare to it. The wall as we call is just over 8 ft wide and just over 8ft tall. This can be placed inside or outside. Originally we designed it to go with our photo booth. We found out quickly that clients want it to be stand alone for pictures at there weddings or events.

If you read any of our Photo Booth reviews you would know that Y-it Entertainment is known for our props. Mostly because we want a full table of props because we want each picture you and your guests take to be unique and fun. So why stop with just the table? Thats where the unicorn comes in. So if you are not only looking for a great photo booth, but want a photo booth with great props you found it here! Don’t believe us check the images!

Rockwood Women’s Club as a Venue & Final Take Aways

If you are looking for a great venue Rockwood Women’s club is on our list. Great patio area for ceremony or cocktails. Inside has tall ceiling which are great for lighting or not. Wood floors and very spacious. If that wasn’t enough there is plenty of parking and they only do one event a weekend so you can setup on Friday so you can party on Saturday!

Our final notes on the show. There were so many great vendors to mention. I you were looking to plan your wedding or event and checkoff a few tasks you could of done it at the show with some of the best vendors in Santa Barbara. Our focus at the show was to show we are not your average DJ Company and that we can not only rock your party, take some awesome photo’s, light your party with class and elegance, and make sure everyone from your wedding walks way with that “WoW” factor. Our ideas come from our clients and we want to be completely focused on your experience!

By Wyatt Hill

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