Y-it Entertainment at Latino Business Expo and Mixers In Ventura County Spring 2018

Y-it Entertainment participated in the Ventura County Latino Business Expo at the Ventura County Fairgrounds on May 3, 2018. This is Ventura County’s Largest Networking event with some of Ventura County’s Best Small Businesses! We had a large 10×20 booth space where we displayed our Branded Photo Booth with Latino Business Expo, DJ Services, Lighting , and Video display. We also provided our Mirror Photo Booth in the JaniTek Commercial Cleaning Solutions Booth as well which received great reviews from many.

Many people may think Photo Booth only has it’s place in Weddings and parties only, however our Photo Booth can be very powerful at driving footsteps into many different environments (Such as an expo booth) and collecting information such as email addresses for email blasts and even doing market research by collecting survey data as well. So in exchange for a fun photo experience you can gather information about your customers.

Y-it Entertianment Latino Business Expo Ventura Fairgrounds May 2018
Latino Business Expo at Ventura Fairgrounds May 2018 Photo Booth Strip www.YitEntertainment.com

Branding and Custom Photo Booth Props

Yes, you could just go with a generic photo booth that is just black and not interesting at all or you could go with a clean set up with your branding wrapped on our photo booth to make an impact. Let’s not just stop there we also can do custom props. If you look in the picture you can see a Pepper with the hat and of course prints to match. Having your brand from start to finish will resinate and stick in your future clients mind. If that wasn’t enough for you our photo booth is also social media ready. So when guests finish taking their photos they can share them via email, text, and social media. Included in each email and text is a link back to your website and contact information. When they open up that email you are only a click away. Nothing to type. Nothing to loose. All there!

Y-it Entertainment Photo Booth Wrap in Oxnard, CA Latino Business Expo 2018

Every Person is walking away with a Business card with their picture on it!

That’s right! Attending an expo, trade show, or event at your location staying top of mind can be a challenge. Vendors give you tons of hand outs. When you get home you dump out your bag and go for the item you bought or you wanted and you forget the rest. Now that their picture is on that paper the chances of them holding on to your information just increased dramatically! Let’s also not forget that if they emailed the image you are already in there inbox and they are sure to open that email!

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Corporate Event and Holiday Party Photo Booth Mirror Booth May 2018 www.YitEntertainment.com
Latino Business Expo Photo Booth Survey www.Yitentertainment.com

Photo Booth Survey Results!

So above I mentioned you can do surveys. Well, we asked two survey questions when users used our photo booth: “Why are you attending the Latino Business Expo?” and “How did you hear about the Latino Business Expo?” and we are sharing the results. We can set the photo booth up to ask anything you like. Multiple choice or write in. One question or as many as you like. We recommend keeping the questions to max three and multiple choice to keep things simple.

You also may notice there is two pictures in this blog with the same group of people. One photo was taken by our Mirror Booth in the JaniTek booth and the other was taken in our booth. This is just to point out that people love pictures. They will stop and take photos. Photo Booth drives foot steps and gets your business in front on the customer in several ways!

Latino Business Expo at Ventura County Fairgrounds May 2018 photo booth 1 www.YitEntertainment.com

More than just Photo Booth!

So Yes, this blog was taken up mostly of talk about Photo Booth services and what it can do for your Corporate party, Expo or Trade show booth, or any type of event. We also offer DJ/MC services, Video Display, and Lighting. Anyone can play music, but do they have MC skills, programing skills such as playing the right songs at the right time, and keep that party or event going? We know you have many choices at a variety of price points and we offer great services and value with proven success time and time again. You can see our reviews on WeddingWire and TheKnot. You also can see our Corporate event videos HERE or if you are planning a wedding or know someone who is you can see videos HERE as well.

Thanks to everyone that visited our booth at the expo and Thank you to the Great team at JaniTek for letting us put our Mirror Booth in their booth!

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Latino Business Expo with Y-it Entertainment Photo Booth may 2018 4 www.YitEntertainment.com
Latino Business Expo Mirror Photo Booth May 2018 2 www.Yitentertainment.com