Why attend a Wedding Bridal Show or Bridal Showcase?

Most couples wedding budgets are the price of new cars so why wouldn’t you find out all that you can? 

That’s right according to TheKnot.com couples in Southern California spend on average $44,000 on a wedding So why wouldn’t you want to do as much research as possible on wedding trends, vendors, ideas, etc. We as an Entertainment company even attend conferences, expos, and trade shows to stay up on our game.

You can find all your pro vendors in one spot.

That’s right. Wedding vendors come and go and the true pros stick around. Most vendors pay to go to shows and spend a lot of time and money to demonstrate their skills. Many shows investment for vendors to gain entry to Wedding Bridal shows or Showcases is high so you typically only get the professionals that are in it to win it.

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Everyone loves a Deal!

As I mentioned above that cost for vendors to be at Wedding Bridal shows is usually big so they typically offer special deals just for Show attendees. So when visiting a bridal show come prepared to book some vendors and get the ball rolling on planning your wedding.

Prizes and Giveaways. 

That’s right not only do you get deals at Wedding Bridal shows you can also win prizes and free gifts just for attending so even if you don’t book any vendors it’s not a lost cause at all. Not to mention all the fun you can have with your Mom, Maid/Matron of Honor, finance, or whoever you decided to roll with.

Find out the current Trends.

Yes you can google your life away, but in certain parts of the country there may be different trends or ideas when it comes to weddings. Bridal show vendors are going to be displaying their latest and greatest and of course you can meet true wedding pro’s to discuss the trends, touch and feel, and in some cases sample and try it out which you can’t do from a mobile device or computer.

Tips for attending a show? 

-Wear comfortable shoes as you will do some walking.

-Make sure to take pictures of what you like and make note what vendor as by the end of the day you won’t remember.

-If you give your information out you will be contacted. So unless you’re truly into that vendor don’t give them your info.

-Pre-Register for the show! Why because you save money by you RSVP.

-Have Fun! This should be part of your wedding planning adventure. Don’t forget to snap a Photo before you leave that day too!

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