Wedding Tips on planning your wedding!

For most Brides and Grooms this is their first time planning any type of event. Things can get overwhelming and stressful. We put together a few tips on planning your wedding that may help out.

-The week leading up: Do not task yourself with everything to do the day of and leading up to your wedding day. If you have friends and family offering to help take advantage of that. This is your moment. Enjoy it! If you’re still uneasy hire a wedding coordinator. Most services offer day of planning or extensive planning depending on the help you may need. If you need help finding the right service CLICK HERE to see who we recommend.

-Share details with your vendor team: Sometimes the smallest of details can make a difference. Most  wedding professionals are in the business because they are passionate about the clients they serve. If we can make any part of your special day more personable or detailed we are all in. This could be from matching themes and colors from photo booth strips to invitations. To making the group shot on the dance floor extra special. Details matter and your day matters to us!

Wedding Ceremony Ventura County Y-it Entertainment
Jessica and David's Wedding Introductions at McCormick Ranch

-The Reception: Things will happen so fast that day. Don’t let the night slip away without getting out on the dance floor, jumping in the photo booth, or enjoying some of the dinner and desserts. (MAKE SURE YOU EAT!)  Guests will want to chat and tell you how awesome you look which is important. This is your night make sure you get to celebrate it! Be present in each moment.

 -Best time to take pictures: Traditionally it’s after the ceremony however, more and more Brides and Grooms are opting for a “First Look”. Taking pictures before the ceremony gives you and your photographer more time and plus you both look fresher. It also shortens the gap between you mingling with your guests after the ceremony. Something to consider otherwise we will see you after cocktail hour.

-Lower the bar from “Perfection”: Some of the best moments are the ones you didn’t plan for. Even on live Television, concerts, etc… things can sometimes go wrong including naming the wrong person as the winner. That’s why you hired wedding pros to manage those things to make the best out of it. Embrace the unexpected, and don’t let an unattainable ideal sour the big picture of your wedding day.

-First Dance: We always suggest that you pick a song that is important to the both of you. Could be a song playing while you were dating or song that reminds you special occasion. Don’t let a list dictate the song. You could even spice up the song by changing songs half way to dance song. Your Day! Your Way!

-Children at the Wedding?: When deciding to have children at the wedding you need to examine the atmosphere that you envision for the day. Children can provide a great deal of charm and levity and they often look precious in formal wear. Since a wedding is a family event it may seem appropriate to have the entire family in attendance, but children tend to have short attention spans (OK Adults too) and may loose patience throughout the day. Children can bring special magic to the day or added stress. Ultimately it depends on your personalities and your vision of your day.

Wedding Tips from Y-it Entertainment Ventura County 2018
Wedding Tips from Y-it Entertainment

-Have you thought about adding Video? I’m not in the video business, but I can tell the video we do shoot and have seen is very powerful for my past clients and helps us with future clients. What does that mean for you? 5, 10, 15, 20 etc… years down the road you will Thank us later by being able to re-live that special day in your life. How do you pay for it? Real simple skip the names on the napkins and did you really need those Valentino shoes and dress? Trust me you will Thank us later! If you need help hiring a pro Click Here  to see who we recommend.

-Picking out the Music: Picking out music can be tough for some people. When you’re picking out music for dance time don’t go to crazy. If you pick out all the music then your DJ doesn’t have the ability to read the crowd. If you don’t give them anything then they don’t get a sense of what you want. Most wedding also have people from all ages. Although you might want all new music. Allow your DJ to play a few older songs for the Mature guests.

-The Honeymoon: Try to avoid leaving right after the reception. This could dinvuite ill feeling or disappointment on the trip. Give yourself a couple of days to sleep in, unwrap gifts, and unwind a little from the stress of the big day. Then rock on!

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