Unique Wedding Reception Ideas

Looking for Unique ways to make your wedding stand out? Here are some ideas:

Wedding Dance Medley?

Why stick to one song when you could have two songs or many songs for those special dances such as Father/Daughter, Mother/Son, or your own first dance. Check out Maureen and Nick’s video Blog and Karmi and Kasey’s Vidoe Blog. Fast forward to the raw footage after the fade to black to see raw and uncut.

Have your Guests Cut the Cake.

Tired of cutting cake? Change things up a bit. This is a great idea to celebrate being married. Start by the newest to the longest married wedding couple and each couple makes a cut in the cake until you reach the couple with the most amount of years married. Kind of like an Anniversary dance. Great photo opportunity for each couple not to mention its different!

 Wedding Dress Change.

Why not have a different dress or outfit to change into after all the wedding traditions and pictures are done? It’s going to be a long day and the last thing you want is to carry the wedding dress around, trip, or if you have one of those bigger dress knock something over after all it’s time to celebrate and cut loose. Cut loose by changing the dress into something more comfortable and you!

Brandon & Christy Wedding Questions to excuse tables for the buffet. www.Yitentertainment.com

Bride and Groom Triva to be First to the Buffet Line.

Are you having a buffet instead a plated meal? If you are instead of having the caterer tap tables  spice it up by giving your DJ/MC 5 questions about yourselves and which ever table answers correctly they get to go first. We recommend the first three tables but, give 5 questions just in case your guests are stumped. Want to see it on video? Check out Christina & Jeff’s Video Blog. Fast forward to the raw footage at 8:12.

Get Dancing started early

One of my personal favorites is getting the dancing started early. Wedding standard in the NJ and NY market, but not so much throughout the rest of the country is opening up the dance floor right after salads have been placed. DJ plays 2-3 songs and then opens up the dance floor for a 20 minute set  right before dinner is served. This also allows the catering staff to pick up plates without guests at their seat and of course if you have a DJ that is also a MC you want have to worry about missing the main course because they partnered with the catering team to make sure you’re back at your seat. If you are really into dancing and truly want to be different don’t you want your wedding to be the one where guests were dancing before dinner? How fun was that wedding….

Y-it Entertainment Wedding Dance floor before dinner 2017
Wedding LCD TV package Y-it Entertainment

Social Media Integration

Couples now a days want to share the special day more than ever with family and friends that couldn’t make it or want to see the things they didn’t get the see from their special day. Start by creating a Snap Chat filter and posting it for the day of your event. Having a wedding #hashtag is a must but, make sure you pick a hashtag that hasn’t been taken or used in awhile. Most premium photo booth companies offer a sharing station option where you can Email, Text, Facebook, Tweet, or share via Instagram at the photo booth or at a sharing station. We highly recommend going with a company that offers this service. If you want to bring social media even more to life you can have your Entertainment company have a live feed on LCD TV’s of your hashtag live. Great way to motivate people to take photos and post!

We also found this great company called TacBoard where you can have a number for your guests to text to collect all your pictures from your special day and go back print or download to save those memories.

Food Truck for the Trip home.

Want to send your guests off in style? Why not have a food truck at your event? Can be a hearty dish or something sweet. Great parting take home gift plus after all that dancing and good times you may get the munchies!

Y-it Entertainment Food Truck
Wedding mariachis, Unique Wedding Ideas, Unexpected live music.

Unexpected Live Music.

A new trend in entertainment is offering a live music option such as: Singers, Sax, Violin, or percussionist. Yes, you can do the traditional live music for ceremony and cocktails or if you have the monster budget a full band but, why not add one of these elements to the reception time? Dance time? It gives you the element of live without the Live Band price!

All Over Lighting.

I can’t stress enough that “Lighting makes all the difference!” From uplighting which has become an event standard to dance time lighting, pin spotting of the cake or florals on the tables, Monograms, and more. Lighting can set the mood or call out certain things you want your family and friends to see; after all you went to all that hard work to make sure those elements were there why not call attention them with lighting?

Wedding and Quinceanera lighting
Wedding Special performance 2017 web Y-it Entertainment Ventura county Mobile DJ, Photo Booth and Lighting

Cultural Dance.

Adding culture dances to any event brings things to a whole new level and for guests who may have never seen them it brings a new experience. I highly recommend adding culture dances to any event. If your are hiring a professional or a family member or guest is performing make sure to get the music needed to the DJ/MC sooner rather than later. Make sure to include it during you planning timeline as well.

Custom Labels.

More than ever couples  want to personalize their event and what better way than to personalize beer, wine, soda bottles, napkins, coasters, etc… Here is a blog on personalizing wedding favors and gifts and I’m sure you can come up with some awesome ideas that I haven’t though of.

Katie and Justin Wedding Confetti 2017 3 www.YitEntertainment.com

Confetti or Ballon drop towards the end of the evening.

We have witnessed a few of these and they go over huge and we are not just talking about New Years or the Holidays. Your day is a celebration and why not make it a blast! Great for pictures and when was the last time your guests celebrated like rockstars? I always recommend that you get venue written approval because there is going to be a mess to clean up!

By Wyatt Hill

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