Tips for Making a Wedding Toast!

Here are some Tips for making a wedding Toast. We have seen hundreds of wedding toasts and for most people talking in front of a group can be difficult. So we put together some sure things to help you out since we ourselves speak in front of large groups all the time.

Bring your glass with you it’s a Toast!

Most of the time you will be introduced by the MC (Master of Ceremonies) make sure to bring your glass and any paper, phone, or tablet that has your notes or script. When you come up set your glass on the table and the MC will had you the microphone. It’s as easy as that. This may seem remedial but, trust me under pressure you forget a few things..

Bring the Microphone up to your Chin!

Bring the Mic up to your chin. Your chest doesn’t talk well. Most DJ’s and MC’s use a direct microphone meaning that it is designed to pick up the sound directly in front of the screen. Don’t hold the mic by the screen area. (You’re not a rapper.) Hold the microphone by the base. If in doubt just look at your MC for the evening on how he or she is holding the microphone.

Don’t say “I’m not very good at this.” 

Nobody knows but you that you’re not very good at this. You have been chosen to speak on a very special occasion not because of your speaking skills but because of your relationship with the couple. Remember you are amongst friends and family and trust me there is not test or exam that day.

 Go up with a Smile!

Little trick before going up is turn to the person next to you give them a quick fist bump with a light fun comment and “BAM” you have a smile when you walk up. If you don’t have a person next to you to do that I’m sure your MC will be more than happy to give you a fist bump before handing you the mic.

Keep it to five minutes!

Now a days if you search the internet or watch a video on Youtube you may have noticed your mind wondering after a few minutes or even after five minutes. Same thing happens at weddings and events. You want to keep everyone engaged and keep it short. Trust me when I tell you five minutes is a long time.

Rehearse your Toast.

This is a big pro tip. What do the professionals do? They practice. Yes, off the cuff can work for some people but, if you really want to knock it out of the park rehearse and practice. This also may sound like a tip from school but, reading your script out loud makes a big difference and also helps catch any errors. Remember be you and relax!

What should be in my Toast?

You can find plenty of opinions on the internet. My advice is make sure it comes from the heart. Keep it uplifting. If you are a humorous person have some humor. Some guests find learning more about the couple to be entertaining so hearing about how they met or hearing your view at the time is always great. Most importantly be you! If you are speaking the couple knows how you roll.

Don’t drop the Microphone.

May seem like a good idea but it can be costly.  Cordless Microphones cost anywhere from $600 up to $1500. Unless you plan on buying the microphone for a souvenir or really don’t want any more announcements for the rest of the event don’t do it!

By Wyatt Hill

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