Tips for an Outdoor Wedding

We have been apart of lots of outdoor weddings and wedding ceremony’s and over time we have come up with a few tips:

Be On Time!

If you are like most couples you will probably be having the wedding ceremony outside. If you are getting married during the summer it can be extremely hot outside or if you are getting married during the winter it can be freezing. We recommend that you do whatever it takes to be on time in those extreme temperature conditions. We have seen people pass out due to the heat and we have seen guests just leave because it was too cold. It is your day, but avoiding complete guest discomfort should be on your list. May I also mention extreme temperatures are tough on sound, video, and photo equipment and they sometimes  have a mind of their own. Don’t blame the DJ because we told you here first.

Don’t forget the Bug Spray or Sunscreen….

Guests as well as yourself should protect themselves from the harmful rays of the sun. Having some around for you and your guests can be helpful. It you are in area where you have lots of trees and plants we highly recommend bringing bug spray. Anytime we know we are going to an outdoor event we don’t leave home without it. It you are going to be by lakes, rivers, streams, or water in general you may also want to think about citronella for mosquitoes.

Where is the Restroom?

If you haven’t thought of directional signing it may be a good idea. Where is the ceremony, restroom, drinks, etc…  This is also a great opportunity for awesome wedding decor and have some fun with the signs. We always recommend you check with your venue on any rules for hanging or staking in the ground.

Wedding Directional Signs Mobile DJ, Photo Booth, Lighting serving Oxnard and Surrounding areas
Wedding DJ Covered under Tent

Have a rain plan!

We know everyone wants to have great weather on your wedding day but sometimes mother nature has other plans. Make sure you have a rain plan. If there is over a 15% chance of rain as a DJ I always have a tarp on stand by. We have seen it be beautiful with not a cloud in the sky then all of a sudden have it pour. Electronics and water usually don’t mix.

You may need to have Canopies or covers for Guests or Sound Equipment.

Having cover for those special guests is sometimes the right thing to do even though there is an added expense. Same goes with audio equipment. If you have ever left your iPhone or phone in general in the sun you may notice that it powers down until it cools. If you watch any outdoors sporting events you will find that the equipment is under cover or in some place with shade. We also recommend having tent side walls just in case of weather or temperature.

Hydration Center?

If it’s a hot day we recommend having a hydration center. Not just adult beverages, but water, lemonade, flavored water, etc not only in the reception space, but also in the ceremony space. Most ceremonies are not covered and the sun can really take a toll. We also strongly recommend a hydration center for reception as alcohol dehydrates you as the evening goes on. If you want to have a more enjoyable drinking experience having a glass of water in-between drinks is best.

Wedding Hydration
Y-it Entertainment Outdoor Lantern for Weddings Mobile DJ, Photo Booth, Lighting

My Cake is Melting…

Yup, we seen it happen. If you selected a butter cream cake frosting and it made it out in the hot temperature it’s going to melt and run. Make sure when you are selecting those great desserts that you let your Baker know the conditions in advance so they can best advise you on what to get. If you are really stuck on having that butter cream cake then keep it chilled until it’s time. By the way we love pie and we are convinced that it’s healthier because it has fruit…. =)

Heaters and A/C?

It is an added expense but having portable A/C for tents or having heaters for tents or an outdoor area is also something to think about. Can your guests get by with just a jacket? Something to think about. Keeping yourself and your guests in a great environment is key to a successful event.

Do you have lighting?

Not only is lighting a good idea for decor reasons, but for safety reasons we highly recommend it. String lights, lanterns, uplighting, etc are all great ways to light your event. We always recommend you check with your venue on what rules they have on hanging lighting.

Wedding Market Lighting Mobil DJ, Photo Booth, Lighting serving Oxnard and Surrounding areas.
Wedding Shoes

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What about the Shoes?

Depending if you are on grass, gravel, dirt, etc… You may want to think about what shoes you’re going to wear or your guests may wear. Last thing you want to do is wear heels and have the heel sink into the ground when you step and possibly could trip. Recommend checking out the wedding site in advance. Sometimes wedges or flats may be a better alternative. If it rained the previous day and if you’re on gravel or dirt maybe closed toe shoes should be worn instead of open toe shoes or sandals. What to wear may not seem like a big deal, but coming from a retail/service background footwear plays a big role in safety plus who wants to mess up there heels?

By Wyatt Hill