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When picking out a Wedding First Dance song you have many choices. We recommend picking out a song that means something to the both of you. A song that was hot while you were dating? Maybe one that was on or was playing during a relationship milestone. Song that represents the both of you.

If you don’t have any ideas then that’s when you go to the list. When you choose Y-it Entertainment in your account under music we have Wedding First dance top songs to help give you some ideas. We also have some other helpful top lists as well. If you are not logged into your account you can also visit the lists on our Facebook page by clicking HERE. It’s located on the tab “Most Requested”.

In addition to that we have some picks that we feel are up and coming and are worth taking a listen too. If you didn’t see our picks from last year CLICK HERE otherwise checkout our latest. They are in no particular order.

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Brandon & Christy Wedding First Dance at Glen Tavern Inn

Ed Sheeran does it again with “Perfect” from his third studio album. Released in the UK first and later released in the US. The song is a romantic ballad written about his girlfriend Cherry Seaborn, whom he knew from school and reconnected with when she was working in New York. In an interview Sheeran wanted to write the best love song of his career. He said: “I need to do it 100% me, so everyone will listen to that will be like, “Ah! He can actually do it!” … I wanted to beat “Thinking Out Loud”, ‘cos I know that song was going to define me. Either way Sheeran does it again!

Here is another version of “Perfect” by Ed Sheeran with Beyonce. We love when artists work to create great music!

Yes, this is was on our previous list, but we don’t think it’s a song to put away yet. James Arthur is a British singer and song writer. This song was released on Sept. 9th, 2016 in the United Kingdom. The song peaked at the top of the UK Singles chart for three weeks. Outside of the UK the single has topped the charts in Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, Singapore, Indonesia and the Republic of Ireland. This is James Arthur “Say you won’t let go”.

The song was written by Ed Sheeran while his girlfriend was on her way to the airport to fly back home after a visit. He wrote the song, recorded on his iPhone and sent it to her in an email. He said that the song was written basically just to say to her, “It’s really good, I feel happy, how do you feel?” This song almost didn’t make it on the album as Sheeran forgot he wrote it. Before completing the album he was going through his notes and asked his girlfriend what song she liked. She said “You forgotten it existed and I have it in my e-mail because I’m the only one you sent it to.” Sheeran ended up recording it although never a true single released it only made it to #41 on the Billboard charts in the US.

Thomas Rhett Akins American Country music singer & song writer was born in Georgia. The song “SweetHeart” is off his third studio album called “Life Changes” which was released in Sept. 2017. You may have heard “Craving You” which was his first single off the album. This is a little bit faster tempo for a couple that doesn’t want something slow.

Released towards the end of 2017 and written by Ed Sheeran together with Amy Wadge, Johnny McDaid and Steve Mac. the song “The Rest of Our Life” by Tim McGraw and Faith Hill. According to Faith Hill, the song reminded her of the day when she and Tim McGraw decided to get married after meeting McGraw on his Spontaneous Combustion tour in 1996 when she first heard the song, and said that “there was a comfort and a security about that moment that resonates in this song.” McGraw concurred and said: “It’s got such an intimacy to the song, and I think that’s what really attracted us as well.” Great duet for a first dance!

Ruelle born in Mississippi and attended music school in Australia is mostly know for her songs appearing on prime time television shows. She started out as a country and rock n roll singer then moved genres to electronic pop. This is  “I Get to Love You”

Sugarland have returned with their first new single in five years that was released on Dec. 20. 2017 called “Still the Same.” This song starts out slow and builds up which is one of the reasons for making the list. The lyrics also go pretty well.

Bebe Rexha American Singer, Song Writer, and Producer was born in Brooklyn, NY to ethic Albanian parents. Mostly know for collaborations with David Guetta, Martin Garrix, Cash Cash, and more. She also has written songs that were given to high profile artists such as Rhianna and Eminem as well as Selena Gomez and Nick Jonas. This next hit Rexha collaborated with one of our favorites Florida Georgia Line.

“Dance With Me” is the third single from Phillip Phillips’ upcoming album Collateral which will be released in 2018. Phillip wrote “Dance With Me” for his wife Hannah for their first dance during their wedding in 2015. Sounds like a fit for this list for sure!

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Thank you to Wikipedia for the facts on the songs and artists!