Make your Wedding Sparkler Send Off a Success!

We have seen hundreds of wedding send off’s and none are as much of a favorite as a sparkler send off. We put together some tips as we have a seen a few send offs not go as well as the rest of the evening and we want to make sure you finish on a high note!

Who is in charge?

Make sure you assign someone or some people to prepare the sparklers and get things ready for the send off. Far too many times this is happening right at the end of the night. Typically if you have a wedding planner he/she will take care of this for you. If you don’t have one sometimes the venue planner will help out. Don’t assume. Make sure you coordinate that in advance. We recommend at least two people on each side of the door handing them out.

Where is it going to happen?

Most exits are right out the front doors of the reception venue. You do need to partner with you venue though as they may have restrictions after all it is fire. Most venues are accommodating unless there is a fire code law.

Don’t get the short ones!

Don’t get the short sparklers. By the time you start lighting at one end of the line and you get to the end the short ones are already out. We recommend at least the 20in long sparklers or 36in long. It gives you plenty of burn time. They are long enough so your guests don’t get burned. You can even have enough time in most cases to do another run through the line for another shot with the photographer.

 Don’t go cheap!

We know weddings are expensive and you’re trying to cut everywhere you can. The inexpensive sparkers do work if you can get them lit. We were at a wedding where they finally had a guest break out a road flare to light up the sparklers. Let’s skip the road flare and stick to the lighters shall we?

How are you lighting them?

A pocket lighter just isn’t going to cut it. We recommend you get Bic brand lighters that are long such as the ones for lighting the BBQ grill or candles. Let’s not burn your fingers shall we?

Finished with the Sparklers now what?

So you finished the run through and now you have guests playing with fire to put them out. The websites listed below offer buckets that you can fill with water or sand to put them out. If you choose to do something different just make sure whatever it is that’s it’s long enough to accommodate the length of the sparkler. Remember you want your deposit back and if you remember Smokey the Bear’s line in school “You can prevent forest fires”.

Where can I Buy Sparklers?

Below are a few websites we have found. Don’t forget to give us feedback on your experience.