Looking for a Wedding first dance song? Check out our picks of 2016/17.

Picking out your wedding first dance song can be difficult or easy. We recommend picking out a song that means something to the both of you. A song that was hot while you were dating? Maybe one that was on or was playing during a relationship milestone. Song that represents the both of you.

If you don’t have any ideas then that’s when you go to the list. When you choose Y-it Entertainment in your account under music we have Wedding First dance top songs to help give you some ideas. We also have some other helpful top lists as well. If you are not logged into your account you can also visit the lists on our Facebook page by clicking HERE. It’s located on the tab “Most Requested”.

In addition to that we have some picks that we feel are up and coming and are worth taking a listen too. They are in no particular order.

Wedding First Dance at Breaux Vineyards with Y-it Entertainment

We came across this song while picking out our “Tuesday New music” songs. Had to stop and give it a listen. This French-Canadian pop punk band has been quiet for the last five years. This song is off their 5th studio album that was released Feb. 19th 2016. This song was announced as the third official single on Sept. 26th 2016. This is Simple Plan “Perfectly Perfect”.

James Arthur is a British singer and song writer. This song was released on Sept. 9th, 2016 in the United Kingdom. The song peaked at the top of the UK Singles chart for three weeks. Outside of the UK the single has topped the charts in Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, Singapore, Indonesia and the Republic of Ireland. This is James Arthur “Say you won’t let go”.

This Romanian singer and judge at Romania au talent has won numerous awards in Europe from MTV in 2013 and 2014 as well as Best Romanian act. She released this song on May 13, 2016.  This is Andra “Love Can Save It All”.

This American Country music duo released this song on Feb. 6, 2016. This song is about finding true love and building a life together with that person. Inspired by the love shared by the duo member’s respective grandparents. The song was written shortly after Dan lost his grandfather and while Shay’s was in the hospital. This is Dan + Shay “From the ground up”.

This American rock band from Florida found out that this song was their #1 hit and they didn’t even know it off their latest album “Somewhere Somehow”. Despite the song not having a video and not performed on tour. The song accumulated around 20 million plays on Spotify which initial they thought it was a mistake. Clark called it “so strange. I just remember finding out that it happened and just being so blown away that for once in our career, we let our fans choose, kind of accidentally, which song we were going to go with.” This is We the Kings “Sad Song”.

Thank you to Wikipedia for the facts on the songs and artists!