Keriann & Juan Carlos’s Ceremony & Wedding Reception at The Westin Georgetown

Keriann and Juan Carlos wanted to make sure everyone had a great time and to make dancing an important element of the night. Right after introductions we went into first dance, father/daughter and into mother/son. We made a special edit of “Perciosa” by Marc Anthony for Juan Carlos. Dropped in a needle scratch making it like a DJ mistake and bam into a high energy latin dance song to kick off the first dance set of the night before dinner. If you want to let everyone know you came to celebrate what a way to do it!

During our planning calls Keriann mentioned we are having a cake. I usually ask about how big and she said “Ah normal size”. So when the cake showed up I was wow! I’m glad we are pin spotting this as this is the biggest cake of 2016. Check out the cake in the pictures below.

Juan Carlos is a hugh Madrid fan and Keriann had mentioned it a couple of times and I wanted to do something with it so we came up with doing an extra photo booth design just for Juan Carlos. When details are shared I really try and come up with something special. Just makes things that much more personal! You may also note the crown in the photo booth strips as well.

Photos are courtesy of Brett Ludeke

Wedding Details: 

Ceremony Prelude Music: Classical Music
Bridal Party Processional: “Pachelbel’s Canon in D” by Vanessa Batten
Bride Processional: “Here comes the bride” String Quartet by Faithful Fathers
Bride and Groom Recessional: “Oye Como Va Edited”
Parent Introduction song: “Love’s Theme”
Bridal Party Introduction song: “Uptown Funk” by Bruno Mars
Bride & Groom Introduction song: 
“My House” Edit Flo Rida
First Dance song: “Thinking out loud” Ed Sheeran
Father/Daughter song: 
“What a Wonderful World” Louis Armstrong
Mother/Son song: “Preciosa” by Marc Anthony Edited with scratch
Cake Cutting: “Is This Love” Bob Marley
Bouquet Toss: “Single ladies” Beyonce
Garter Removal: “Oh Yeah” by Yello
Garter Toss: “Bad Boys” by Inner Circle
Last Song: “Don’t Stop the party” by Pitbull remix
Services Provided: DJ/MC Wedding Reception Service, Cocktail hour music service, Ceremony music and mics, Photo Booth, uplighting and Cake pin spot.

DJ: Wyatt Hill, DJ Assistant Brett, Photo Booth Head Attendant Amalia Hill
Venue: Westin Georgetown
Photographer: Brett Ludeke Photography 

Wedding Ceremony Westin 2016
Bridal Party introductions at the Westin for Keriann and Juan Carlos
Wedding Bouquet toss at the Westin
Wedding Cake gold 2016
Y-it Entertainment Go Madrid design for Photo Booth
Wedding Y-it Entertainment Photo Booth Strips