Karmi & Kasey’s Ceremony & Wedding Reception at Piedmont Club

When I spoke with Karmi and her sister Leani it was really important to them that people danced and had a great time. Initially they were discussing using just an IPOD but, after explaining the pros and cons they booked services. Based off Karmi and Kasey’s review  it was a great decision.

We kicked off the wedding reception with introductions. Karmi and Kasey’s bridal party came out with lots of enthusiasm and I could tell they came to have a great time. Once I announced Karmi and Kasey into the room and they kept dancing to their intro song I new for a fact this was going to be a great night. Just as I thought that there bridal party joined in. Usually at this point we would be fading out of the song but, as I tell each of my clients let’s allow room for moments and this was one. (You see the raw video after the fade to black on the video.)

Later in the evening we had special dances. Karmi wanted to do something special with her father so  we put together a edit of songs. At first everyone thought the dance with her father was normal and then needle scratch; bam into fun! Karmi and her father danced to a medley of songs before they invited everyone to join them on the dance floor. That’s how the party started! (You see the raw video after the fade to black on the video.)

Karmi and Kasey finished the night with a sparkler send off  and off they went in a sports car to start their life as husband and wife.

Photos are courtesy of Aly Specher.

Wedding Details: 

Prelude Music: Karmi’s Students Live music.
Bridal Party Processional: “Marry Me” by Train
Flower Girl Processional: Karmi’s Students Live music.
Bride Processional: “Made For You” by Alexander Cardinale
Bride and Groom Recessional: “Forever” Chris Brown
Parent Introduction song: “Eye of the tiger” by Survivor (looped)
Bridal Party Introduction song: “This is why U can’t stop a party animal” (Mashup) 
Bride & Groom Introduction song: 
“All of me” by John Legend (Edited)
First Dance song: “From the ground up” by Dan and Shay
Father/Daughter song: “
Special Edit for Karmi with Uptown funk” by Bruno Mars
Mother/Son song: “My Wish” Female Cover by Alyssa Falcone
Cake Cutting: “Today was a FairyTale” Taylor Swift
Bouquet Toss: “Move Bitch” Ludacris
Garter Removal: “You can’t touch this” MC Hammer
Garter Toss: “Bad Boys” by Inner Circle
Garter replacement: “Cherry Pie” by Warrant
Dedication: “Dancing Queen” by Abba to Karmi’s Grandmother Bella
Services Provided: DJ/MC Wedding Reception Service, Cocktail hour music, Ceremony,Uplighting, and Basic Dance floor lighting.

DJ: Wyatt Hill, DJ Assistant Brett
Venue: Piedmont Club
Photographer: Aly Specher Photography
Officiant: Pete Connelly 703-967-2323

Karma & Kasey Wedding Ceremony at Piedmont Club
Karmi & Kasey's wedding group shot 2016 www.yitentertainment.com
Karmi & Kasey's Bridal Party introductions 2016 at Piedmont club. www.yitentertainment.com
Karmi wedding Bouquet Toss 2016 at Piedmont club www.yitentertainment.com