Carly & Tyler’s  Wedding Reception & Ceremony at Airlie Center

If I have mentioned it before, I’m mentioning it again. Carly and Tyler selected one of the Best Garden venues around in the Northern VA, and DC market to have a wedding Ceremony and Reception. Airlie’s gardens never disappoint and Carly and Tyler put together awesome wedding decor displaying pictures of themselves and of the seating chart. Loved how they used the french wooden doors and played on the garden theme. This was the best of 2016 in my opinion on wedding decor.

So I met with Carley and Tyler for their planning meeting and one of the final things that was made clear to me by Carly is that she wanted everyone to dance. (No pressure right?) Every DJ/MC wants that and I was able to deliver. Carly and Tyler gave me enough requests to get a feeling for what they wanted to hear and of course what they didn’t but, leaving most of the play selection up to me giving me the freedom to fill in the blanks.

A few of the must plays were: Conga, Dancing Queen, Shout, Cupid Shuffle, Backstreet Boys, and a few others. Having some crowd participation songs really helps with motivating people to dance and especially if they don’t know it I’m able to get on the dance floor and lead them to get them started.

I really enjoyed celebrating with Carly and Tyler. Check out the video and see some of the great pictures from Brett!

Photos are courtesy of Brett Ludeke

Wedding Details: 

Parent Introduction song: “Happy” by Pharrell
Bridal Party Introduction song: “Time of our Lives” by Pitbull and Ne-Yo
Bride & Groom Introduction song: 
“Good Feeling” by Flo Rida
First Dance song: “Is This Love remixed” by Bob Marley
Father/Daughter song: 
“Run Around” by Blues Travelers
Mother/Son song: “All to You” by Scott Keo
Cake Cutting: “Ho Hey” by Lumineers
Bouquet Toss: “Girls Just Want To Have Fun” by Cyndi Lauper
Garter Removal: “Every Freakin Night” by Joe Hunt
Garter Toss: “Big Pimpin” by Jay Z
Last Song: “Piano Man” by Billy Joel
Services Provided: DJ/MC Wedding Reception Service, Cocktail hour music service, and Cake pin spot.

DJ: Wyatt Hill, DJ Assistant Brett
Venue: Airlie Center
Photographer: Brett Ludeke Photography 

Y-it Entertainment at Airlie Center Carly dancing in party train 2016
Airlie Center Group Shot with Carly and Tyler 2016
Airlie Center Garter removal with Carly and Tyler 2016
Airlie Center Wedding cake cutting with Carly and Tyler 2016
Y-it Entertainment at Airlie Center Send off with Carly & Tyler 2016
Door Wedding decor 2016 Airlie