A Live Photo Stream For Your Wedding Reception or Next Event!

Now a days most everyone has a smart phone that can take pictures. How do you get copies of all those Wedding photos or Event Event Photos taken from your Birthday, Quinceanera, Sweet Sixteen, or any type of event?  You could step up a hashtag for guests to hashtag if they are on Instagram or Twitter. What about those guests that are not on those platforms though? What about if there Instagram is set to private? You wouldn’t get to see any of those pictures at all.

Well, we came across this new service from TacBoard www.TacBoard.com No Apps to download. No Hassles with sharing. No Hashtags. Just texting and almost everyone now a days can handle texting from a mobile device. So now all your guests no matter their tech skills can send photos to your gallery that easily you create online. It’s that simple!

Wedding Photos or any event photos can now be saved in one spot. Your guests can even text you photos up to 30 days after your wedding or event so in case they are having too much fun you can still get your photos. Photos update in real time. You can download the photos anytime afterwards.

Easy Wedding and Event Photo Capturing
table-card-new Tacboard

What’s Included? 

-Unique Phone Number.
-Private Photo Gallery.
-Table cards.
-More Photos from your event!

This is just the highlights of whats included.

Special Deal just for Y-it Entertainment Clients 

Regular price for this service is $249 when you CLICK HERE and use Promo Code: y-it you save 20%! 

As soon as you sign up you can start texting photos to your gallery and share your number with family and friends. That’s right you can capture fittings, rehearsal dinners, bridal shower, bachelorette parties or any events leading up to the major event.

Text to your gallery Tacboard